Samantha Lux

Samantha Lux

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  • Age: 24
  • Height: 190
  • Dress: 2.7
  • Weight: 49
  • Bust: 90
  • Waist: 61
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hips: 88
  • Hair: Black
  • Shoe: 7
About me:

Hi there, I’m Samantha and I love phone sex and sexting I like to look at them from above or watch them in a mirror. I like to play with them, see them bounce up and down, side-to-side. I like to squeeze them, pinch them, rub them. I like to massage them or caress them. I really love my breasts!

Would like to touch them and play with me as well? Come into my world and I will let you see my gorgeous titties with my fully erect nipples. You can take one in your hands, please be soft to begin with… Just start with one finger running up and down the side, then slowly you can add more fingers. Once you have a hand full, gently squeeze them, hummmm, that already feels so good!

Now take your second hand and cup my other breast. Feel the softness of my skin. Also feel the gentle trembling coming from the pleasure you are providing me. Let you fingers make small circles around my nipples and slowly get to the center. You can squeeze them and you will hear my moaning a little. You can even pinch them, I don’t mind if you like it a little harder. Whatever turns you on is fine with me…

You can take one in your mouth now. Yes, use you tongue to play with my nipples. Lick it, it tastes good doesn’t it? You can also stick it between your teeth and gently bite them. Hum my love, for sure this is not the first time you are doing it, you are giving my shivers… My breasts are my favorite part of my body and I want to share them with you. You can use your hands, your mouth, your love wand, even your feet if it turns you on.

Call me and I will stick one in your mouth while I’m playing with the other. If you like big beautiful breasts, quickly dial 1-888-880-1696 and talk to me, I know you can make me cum hard and I need it bad…








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